Le Box Boutique- Love The Moment of Giving

Kraft Boxes & Bags -Eco-friendly retail packaging, food packaging, paper bags, kraft gift wrap, gift boxes, tissue paper, home made gifts, rustic wedding favors, soaps, sugar scrubs, photography prints, art, felted acorns and more.  Wholesale options and short runs for small businesses, custom logos and business packaging.
Lacey Bortvit began Le Box Boutique in 2011 as a single mother looking for a way to balance work and being an only parent. "I didn't want to let the challenges of being a single mother force me into a position where I had to go make a living and be away from my child. I really started focusing on my talents and passions for art and sustainability and decided that I was going to pave a way to both make a living doing what I love and be a full time, stay-at-home mother. This shop has been a blessing and has been incredibly rewarding working with so many great customers who place an importance upon eco-friendly, beautiful packaging and gifts."

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